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NYVocals Discussion List

Charis is the proud sponsor of the "NYVOCALS" discussion list on www.onelist.com.

NYVOCALS is a discussion list for folks in the greater NY metropolitan area who like to hear choral music and for singers (amateur, semi-professional, and professional). When you send e-mail to: nyvocals@onelist.com, that e-mail will be forwarded to all the folks who are subscribed. Good for announcements and questions.

POLICY: So far, this list is pretty loose: 1. Please keep postings short. 2. No Unrelated Postings: i.e., If you have a product or service of interest to singers, it's ok to post. But, if you're selling vacumn cleaners or something, please post elsewhere.

If you have comments or suggestions about the list or its policy, please contact the Charis Webmaster.

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